Laois - The Home of Stick Fighting

My curiousity is raging here, what would that be Runt?

Jesus that’s shocking. Like the way he kept hold of his own facemask to prevent self inflicted damage.

Minor B final - dirty stoke, dirtier one, headbutt, schmozzle.

They are well schooled in the noble art of stick fighting in Laois

What about James Young? Hit a cameraman after a row. Read a report on it lately. His club have had a bit of trouble with the law

Those jerseys are ridiculous

KIB I mentioned that Young incident in the Club thread a while back, fucking disgraceful stuff from the worst shower of cunts that are those Clonaslee fuckers. I presume this in between the two Fintans teams then, those wine shirts are pretty chronic alright and well over 10 years old.

Very impressed with the camera work. Few nice skelps as well. Only for it being on video he’d have got away with charging there, it was reasonably well disguised.

Thought the headbutt palled in comparison to the swift blow your man got across the head after.

just got look at that now, caoimhaoins right you’d have to admire the effort there to conceal it. Not sure the point of nuttiting a lad when you’re both wearing helmet but best of luck to them. Never heard how that repay went but the wine and blue fintans were steeped to draw it the first day.

jesus it must have been absolutely fucking killing you not to be able to see it. I’d say ya took a half day off work in the end.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Either that or a visit to the internet cafe at lunch

sorry to disappoint ye lads, nothing as exciting as that, its on facebook as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent execution of the headbutt in fairness to the thug.

A two year ban for Laois player after brawl at club game. :o

Harsh enough, all he did was give John Flynn a dunt. Should be commended for it.

Blueboy, i want to ask you what is your thoughts on the prospects of the Laois footballers for the year ahead? There seem to be some good attacking players there working well as a unit - Munnelly, Clancy, Cahalane, Begley, Quigley etc. Is there any chance at all of a serious Leinster championship challenge coming from Laois?

Not a hope.

Blueboy? Hey, Blueboy? Where are you, Blueboy?