I need a laptop for work. I fcuking hate the things. I will need to use it about eight or nine times I reckon. I need summat chape, relatively light, that can run windows 7 or newer, (I’ve been told)
I want to spend very little.
Any advice?

what applications will you be running on it?


Anything from the last decade should cover you so.

Do you work for Mossad?

Something that is impervious to having coffee spilled on the keyboard

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Dunno Esteban windows I need and it’ll be set up for me. It’s for some voluntary work.

Something with a webcam so you can stream famous footballers enjoying coffee with you in Costa.
(And Google so you can figure out who they are)

That sounds fairly vague. Could you pop down to a library and do whatever it is you need to do there?

get a second hand one.

you can pick up some great deals on dell outlet

Thanks a million Esteban, I’ll do exactly that.

I’ll sort out Microsoft Office for you.


I’m in the market myself.
Any good deals on laptops out there?

Most of the UK sites I have bookmarked don’t seem to deliver outside the UK now. And that good German site seems to be gone now.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

Have a look on here.

If you’re prepared to spent a good chunk then a surface pro can double up as a laptop and a tablet. An excellent device.

I need a new battery for the laptop (Dell Inspiron 7380). Anyone have any recommendations for a decent website that won’t mug me off or sell me a dud battery?

There are some elsewhere for cheaper but they look ridiculously cheap so probably a scam.

Why don’t you call Dell and see if they’ll do anything for you?

I’m actually doing a small bit for them at the moment, I’ll ask one of the weirdos that works in repairs if they’ve anything lying around

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I’ve read that they’ll void the warranty unless you get them or an approved repairer to change the battery, as you need to remove the casing to change it. Fuck it I’m not going through those hoops

Can’t be that big a job.
I’m sure there are videos on YouTube.

It’s a piece of piss with the right tools.

I bought this set recently. Gives you every possible small screwdriver set.

Screwdriver Set, 60 in 1 Precision S2 Steel Screwdriver Kit with 56 Screwdriver Bits, Electronics Repair Tool Kit for PC, Smart Phones, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, MacBook, Laptop, Other Electronics

And there absolutely is step by step videos on YouTube for replacing batteries in various laptop models.