I need a laptop for work. I fcuking hate the things. I will need to use it about eight or nine times I reckon. I need summat chape, relatively light, that can run windows 7 or newer, (I’ve been told)
I want to spend very little.
Any advice?

what applications will you be running on it?


Anything from the last decade should cover you so.

Do you work for Mossad?

Something that is impervious to having coffee spilled on the keyboard

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Dunno Esteban windows I need and it’ll be set up for me. It’s for some voluntary work.

Something with a webcam so you can stream famous footballers enjoying coffee with you in Costa.
(And Google so you can figure out who they are)

That sounds fairly vague. Could you pop down to a library and do whatever it is you need to do there?

get a second hand one.

you can pick up some great deals on dell outlet

Thanks a million Esteban, I’ll do exactly that.

I’ll sort out Microsoft Office for you.

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