Larry Murphy & the GGA

i didnt realise that larry murphy played gga right up to his arrest & that he was seen as a good gga man within gga circles

any other sporting organisation would have realised that this sex predator/serial murderer was in their mist but somehow he was just seen as one of the lads within gga circles

He played with Wexford, sure child abusers and rapists are ten a penny down there.

Not to forget wifebeaters who are lauded.

I think you’ll find this is a different Larry Murphy. This guy played minor football for Wicklow. They do have a reputation for locking referees in the boot of their car in that county. I wonder if that’s where he got his modus operandi from.

Like swimming?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Is he like all these lads who say, “ah shur, I played a bit of minor”?


Or, “I kicked/hurled a bit of Sigerson/Fitzgibbon, but shur, beer and the ladies took hold (along with my psychotic tendancies)”.

OMFG- i cant believe someone is standing up for larry murphy


What the hell are you on about?

George Gibney and Derry O’Rourke were also known to have played a bit of minor in their day.

Michael Long knows the score.

FFS, what sick attempt at trying to justify Larry Murphy’s actions.
of course we all know i touched a particually sore point yesterday for you on the missings person thread and you got very defensive all of a sudden with your “its my forum and ill say how you post” self righteous, rhetoric that you try to spin when you are on the verge of an internet battering.
you come on here lamely trying to make a joke of this sick case so the “lads” will get a laugh off it.
FOAD you useless cunt.


vile shit


Runt - :lol: :clap:

Convicted rapist is not in Cork, say gardaí

By Sean O’Riordan and Eoin English
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Hundreds of comments on social media claiming convicted rapist Larry Murphy may be staying in either North or East Cork have been flatly denied by a number of Garda sources.
Posts on Facebook and Twitter in the past few days suggested Murphy, 47, was seen in Midleton and was staying in that area. A number of other posts said he was also seen in Mallow.

if he is anywhere he’ll be down in whitegate having a few drinks with Mac’s pal and fellow killer wayne o’ donoghue