Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror



Joe Canning due on tonight


At least Gerry Springer has bouncers to control these calibre of cunts .


Ed Sheeran is very lucky that he can play the guitar.


Has morphed into a Where’s Wally and Harry Potter hybrid.


Agreed, the old Guitar playing is the money maker alright. The song writing & singing is a complete waste of time.


The way he’s sitting on the couch there speaks volumes.

Odd cunt.


Why do successful people always make you feel uncomfortable?


This guys partying would put slash and duff to shame.


He’s in the audience I’d say.


“I’m going to do this thing called the 12 pubs of Christmas!!!” - Ed Sheeran.


Strange observation.


How dose a 11 year old even know about suiside


A hard subject fuck eleven


Harrowing stuff, those parents are carrying themselves so well.



Shocking story. Hard to fathom how they can hold it together


So sad I don’t know


Anybody still watching this? Brendan Grace absolutely dying on stage there.


Tubridy with unreal hurling knowledge there to recount Joe’s 2-12 v Cork in 2008.


I didn’t think they could find something worse than Jason Byrne but they outdid themselves


Who what now? I turned off the late late after Ed now back on for Joe. I obviously missed something awful.