Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Parents of a child who committed suicide on New Year’s night when she was 11 years old.


The story of Joe’s Mam sewing medals into the arse of his shorts was every bit as twee as the time Lar Corbett told us how his Mam still washes his gear and packs his gear bag for him.

The Syria stuff has obviously left a mark on him.


Joe Canning was sounder than I thought. Respect to him for his hatred of Galway supporters and going to bed early on All Ireland final night to get away from them.


+1, seems like a nice lad.


Joe seems like a well grounded nice guy


joes an alright sort. did he mention his trip to bc :star_struck:


Commentators eye alright. He’s beat as an entertainer on a fine, day but the Bottler shite is woeful.
The failure to ring up for a bit of an interview indicates the depths his fat ass has sank to.

Yesterdays Man.


He must have crawled back from Aleppo fair play to him


The Dubliner’s Late Late special being repeated now.


Ah this is magic.


Time for a few drinks




Already underway. Quiet evening in before hitting town for a late one tomorrow with a bunch of neighbours.

U2 Springhill mining town yet to come


Best late late show episode ive watched in a long time.


Jim McCann is well scooped


Luke Kellys version of scorn not his simplicity was/is incredible.


Spinetingling. Cant beat the rawness in that clip. They all feeling it


You don’t see lads with cigarettes behind their ears on the Late Late Show anymore.


Nor pints of Guinness in the audience .


John Sheehan was and still is a small bit of a pain in the hole.