Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Do ye know what lads, Oireland is a great fucking country


Yeah. She looked 40


And dont think i dont know exactly what you’re thinking you fucking hound


She’d a Dairy Section her mother could only dream of. Seriously though? 14 :open_mouth:


I can’t listen to this Nigerian woman.


Why is Carlos Valdarama on here


One of the worst late late shows of all time tonight.


Bandages mate the blinkey Carl Deeter on tonight talking about the housing crisis along with Dermot Bannon. I actually like listening to him, he is quite nerdish with a weird sarcastic side to him. He is certainly well informed on his topic and he has dragged himself up by his bootstraps. He often references booze and his former life as a barman. @Bandage


Deeter got tourettes but he speaks at lot of sense.


Who does he post as on here?


3 legged dog was the best.

What’s with all the dolled up ones in the audience…?

The Italian windsurfer looked like he threw the clothes on last minute and got in a time machine



I hope the audience have the courtesy to give Peter a standing ovation


The only one worth watching will be Prof Cox. The others can be muted.


A conglomerate of cunts in other words


This chap is wearing more makeup than Jimmy White’s bird


That was a cracking performance of Brewing Up A Storm

A pity that tubritty had to comment on it


Peter OMahoney is a lovely fella.


Those blows to the head are no joke.

He’s an alright sort though to be fair, as rubby players go.


The difference between this guy and the likes of other cork assholes like Anthony Nash rob robbie hefernan roy keane sean halpin Patrick pa Horgan etc is unbelievable.