Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


don’t tell me those fucking o’donavan’s are on it again


Some fella who washed up in Kilkee


Few lads here who often woke up on the beach in kilkee


Lovely piece this


Is there anything worse than bastards trying to clap along as you’re playing s bit of trad @hbv @Tassotti


If youre playing properly you wouldn’t hear it.


This red headed one is great craic.


This wan hasn’t a fucking hope of going into space.


I wouldn’t let her onto a double decker bus.


Take the hand down


Got the sound turned down. What going on between these two? Is she try to unstrap her bra?


Easier to just turn the volume up


This is very uncomfortable viewing.


That was fucking mental. Mam didn’t exactly help


When these two walked out after being announced as mother and daughter I actually thought the daughter was the one in the red dress.


Is this one making a living from making those noises? :smile:


This fucking song was the first dance at my second wedding.


The daughter was only 14


Fuck off?


Yeah it was hard to fathom that, she looked older.