Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


I am water my friend.


Tis only a bit of fun sure


Tubridy could do a Gaybo and never win a COTY.


Mr Hanky the Christmas poo!


Tubridy still dreaming of getting the call-up to drink the soup and work graveyard shift at BBC


He’s like the Stephen Gerard of COTY, a guaranteed future hall of famer that will never win it.


By the way, while we’re on an ad break I just want to remind everyone for no particular reason that Tubridy is an active bisexual and is riding everything he can in RTÉ, male or female, well known around south Dublin city.


One for everyone in the audience


I knew there’d be a link to Michael D somehow…




Chronic narcissism from Tubridy I’m out.


Is he smart enough to cover it up?


Johnny has him covered if that’s what you mean


These dancing kids remind me of myself at about 5.15pm on August 19th. :clap:

If it feels like paradise…


A little Lego section here that the pretend ira will love


Gender neutral being covered off there


Two hands on the hurley ffs.


A perfect chance missed to swing for the cunt


Gas cunts watching a kids TV show to tell us how shit it is and that they’re ‘out’.

Are you lunatics at home watching it through choice?? :sweat_smile:


My brother in law played with Barbie’s when he was growing up.

He’s now happily married to his brazillian toyboy