Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Job is oxo


Yep. A future cross over there if I ever saw one.
Lovely little lad tho


This is our Waldorf and Statler night kid. Fall in or fuck off




Shades of Tom Morrissey 59th minute there.


Go on Tereza love, smack him over the head.


That’s every fucking night

The kids are loving it but what does that matter, the middle aged men are ‘out’ :grinning:


Woeful camera shake there. Just woeful.


Sure one of them is sitting on his own going mad every time a non-white kid is on, very very strange behaviour.


Good singer this girl.




How old is this girl in the middle?


She’s got skilz





Hon the Mike boy


Is this you Tom?


Tubridy referencing Patridge to try to look like he has thick skin and ignore all the confirmed stories from Connemara.


I’d say you’d be looking at 7-12 for a first offence


This young country lad the wannabe builder has been the star of the night.


Cormac from Kilkenny whipping up a quick curry for the ravenous thread