Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


He’s very very uncomfortable with that but this glass of redbreast will cure all ills


Great entertainment actually, a lovely trad section.


Its been a real multicultural effort. Lovely to see.


Indeed, even a young girl from Leitrim on now.


Lovely unaffected kid.


This lovely young girl should have her own gardening show. She’ll have one some day. She is like a young Catherine fulvio


She’s a granddaughter of the late Sinn Féin president, internee and Provisional founder John Joe McGirl from Ballinamore. 30 years gone next weekend.


It’s been terrific entertainment. Tubs is a consummate pro.


Good stuff, Tubs is great with the kids
The girl from Leitrim was just amazing


That’s the Pretend IRA demographic taken care of as well.


Turbrity is made for nights like this.


Do ye notice it’s all the country kids that are great craic.


That Leitrim girl restored my faith in our country old fashioned goodness


No proper Dubs on it yet really.


She’s a great little girleen


There’s a bit of hope for the future


He has secret contempt for the kids. This is the best behaved he’s ever been, he’s been constantly biting his tongue on his cuntish comments.


Was he harbouring the lads at time of the Don Tidey kidnapping?


Ah lovely. @HBV loves the Provos.


Christ this is lovely. Turbrity is good at this.