Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Ah fuck her so


That was lovely tbf


Good rugby fan, better class of kid.


Three of our rugby heroes! Terrific stuff.


“Sorry wrong hand there”


Ahh lads the leinster lads gents


No scummy soccer lads to be seen tonight


I couldn’t be bothered watching that. But tell me, how many ethnicities did they shoehorn in. Were ginger freckled kids included?


The rubby lads ooze class


And steroids.


Rob Kearney redeemed himself from the balcony incident.


A huge success.


One of the greatest toy shows of al time


Quite possible. His son was implicated in the Mountbatten affair (Allegedly).
Been out of the country since then with the exception of father’s funeral (by arrangement).

His monument typifies him… " An unbreakable and unbroken Fenian "


That was a big improvement on recent years. They have cut back seriously on time given to the Billie Barry bolloxin


Tubridy’s best ever toyshow. Great night’s entertainment.


A massive snub for the Limerick hurlers .


that was an emotional rollercoaster. I’m not the better of it.


Nothing wrong with that an unrepentant republican👏


Agreed where was the Dow? Davy me bollix😡