Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Dow and Davy . Big stock analysis there .


Refer to my previous post regarding Joe acting the bollox. He has the Limerick lads wound up like a coil already.


It will drive us on next year.


Jaysus, Ryan played a blinder last night,
I wouldn’t dream of watching it without the kids but it was a mighty show.
The girl from Leitrim was the winner, the never enough singing girl was superb.
And the whole house is still asleep, I’ve been up for the past hour alone


Yes . We needed a cause I always felt .


Stop trying so hard


Pity they had so many kids pretending to play instruments. There are plenty of kids out there talented enough to play like the bass guitar kid did. The “guitar” for the start of the ABBA thing was cringe.




Any kids on playing the recorder?


Davy Fitz is box office. No one can name the Limerick lads.


Davy to the Blind Kid
“Nice to see you”
Blind Kid back
“Nice to see you too”


Disappointed that he wasn’t wearing an elf costume.


Grumpy the dwarf is the role he would be best suited to…so it is.


Odd, my kids are watching the entire show back now and it got to that bit, she’s actually fingering (fnarr fnarr) the chords correctly but it isn’t her strum pattern that’s being broadcast, WTF is going on there?


Classic :smile:


When did Dustins accent change?


When his giblets dropped


Love the fnarr fnarr reference, that takes me back


Ah this will be epic


Go on