Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Did sonia marry an abbo?


The “Toy Show Baby” that wasn’t born at the toy show or even on the day of the toy show


Some legs on Sonia…often seen better hanging out of a nest


Its a very awkward interview, even by Tubridy standards.


Thats not sonias daughter


You better tell tubridy


Jittery, zero chemistry with them. He’s a fucking disaster.


Absolutely shocking.


How could anyone have chemistry with them 2 in fairness ?


Pity Kilmacud didn’t win. We could have heard about Cian’s new job, Johnny Magee telling us he was taking no opponent for granted and Mark Vaughan singing Maniac.


Chronic. Uncomfortable watching it.


I didnt want to say it, but you’re spot on there.


A proper light entertainment show host would have drawn them out.


It ain’t live. Sonia and Gary Lightbody recorded two days ago. They hide it well


Ah jesus this lad doing the same joke for 20 years.


Didn’t he make a good living from it


Tubridy can’t even feign the enthusiasm for that.


An Albino on now.


It’s not a Termonfeckin accent.


This one is a cunt