Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


She is sound , her da supports Limerick hurling .


I knew her father was an alright sort.


Jaysus, Cas been through a rough patch.


His own worst enemy


Terrible show. It always goes down hill every season after a promising opening few weeks.


Huh ??

He had a benign tumour. Plenty out there worse off than him.




Jason Byrnes mother and father ignored him when he was a child.

An unfunny attention seeker.


Is he gay?


Yes I’d prefer have a benign tumour than listen to this cunt. When did he these fuckinfg spectacles.


Jason Byrne is very funny.


Jason Byrne and Tommy Tiernan have this weird belief that the louder they are, the funnier they think they are.

Give me Pat Shortt over them 2 any day


Now I know you’re acting the cunt.


I fucking hate Tommy Tiernan.


They are completely different comedians all 3. Comedy is subjective. Pat short was great with John Kenny.


An incredibly unfunny man who thinks he’s hilarious because he shouts


Dude… :+1:


Different in that 2 of them aren’t funny in the slightest


You’ve turned full Muldoon fella.


Turned ???