Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Saoirse is one of our own, she’s alright.


Ah ya.


I’d happily be a kept man to her.

Hasn’t she been living in Dublin for years? Maybe Wicklow now but she was in Dublin as long as Carla I’d say


Christ Tubridy is an awful interviewer


Tubridy being a creep here again, the cunt.


She was decent in that film “Brooklyn” a few years back.


He’d give a testicle to clean a jacks in Hollywood.


An impressive young fella


Great performance.


She is an excellent journalist. I am very surprised how young she is. Id never seen her speak before


I really dislike the cunt. He’s terrible.


He’s leering over this young one here.

Mentioned about eight times she has been nominated for an Oscar three times.


She lived in Howth for years. The village that wasn’t good enough for @flattythehurdler and the wife.


She was runner up three times. It’s only a marketing thing anyway.


She’s the Mayo of acting


He prefers Limerick sure. A man of impeccable taste.


Pretty unbelievable for a 24 year old Irish girl. She is probably a bit of a dose but shes a massive hollywood A list acrtress…what the fuck do people expect


She’s done very few shit roles.

Picks her roles carefully and is versatile


I don’t mind her. It’s Tubs licking her hole that’s the issue here.


Like Lee Chin getting nominated for All Stars.