Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Spoiler that shit please


This Late Late show has gone to solid fuck. Nuke the lot of these fuckwits… Grrrrrrrr…


I said Journalist so it couldn’t be Tubs


Old fart alert


Is this Dublin fella high or just thick as pig shit?


Seems like a nice young lad, best of luck to him.


The Muslims have the Leitrim lads demented




Ignore him please. He’s just seeking some affirmation that he’s still cutting edge.
Nothing to see here…


The plastic knife my 2 year old uses has more cutting edge than that lad


Tubs will be creaming himself in a minute when the big star comes on.


Lads let us know when Saoirse Ronan is gone will ye


She’s gone there now


I can’t stand them.
“All communities have their issues”
Yeah love, but for some fucking reason your community’s issues involve blowing up crowds of people or driving trucks over families


Is she putting on a Dublin accent or am I imagining this?


She hasn’t had an accent of her own since she first came to prominence


Definite Dublin twang to it, but this is the most normal I’ve ever heard her accent. When she’s on US talk shows she puts on this bizarre fake Irish accent that’s absolutely horrendous


Would you…?




A pretend jackeen.