Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Do clubs or hotels actually pay for the baldy lad or the 2 Johnny’s to appear at functions?

What type of coin would they demand/receive for say showing up for two or three hours?

Fools and their money and all that.


They sold out Langtons handy enough anyway




Would you be a avid listener yourself?


Listened to it a few times. Found it enjoyable enough. Wouldn’t get the chance to listen to many podcasts these days


Kileedy camogie had the 2 Johnny’s over in Charleville for the Sunday of the Halloween bank Holiday weekend. 25 euro a ticket I think it was.

Think the baldy lad is 1500 euro for an appearance…


In my country Tubridy would be shot…surely Oireland has someone better for their flag ship talk show programme???

I look forward to watching Mr Ray Darcy tomorrow evening, I hope he is some improvement


Ah here, that’s scandalous money.

But if people are willing to pay them that they’re not going to turn it down.

That Tierney Talks chap did a few appearances at The Woodlands around the time of the All Ireland. Again, he’s cleaning up.


25 euro is scandalous money for a show?


No, was referring more to the 1.5k.


At least Tierney talks and even yer man Conor have a bit of talent about them.


I’m nervous for Padraig. Is he Chartered Accountant? Cc @balbec Didn’t he add up his scores wrong one day and forfeit a game?


He’s only ACCA I think


Fair fucks to them. They’ve found a market and are going for it. The podcast is good oul craic. Similar chat you’d have with lads in the pub. In fact Stephens Day wouldnhave put the lads to shame CC: @peddlerscross @Fat_Pox


It’s nearly as bad as lads paying the bones of 30 euro a month to see nudes of some young wan from Dublin. :see_no_evil::eyes:


Good for them, a half decent wedding would fill Langtons


I must sample this podcast…


The wedding venue and the theatre isn’t the same place mate


I’d say they nearly give them away


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