Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror




Ah lovely. I forgot about that!


Sorry匈 hurt your feelings. The 2 boys are great, multiple dates in Croke park next no doubt.


The people of Kilkenny love them. Youre out of touch


@the_mixer_walsh Throw up an aul dinner there will you


The people of Kilkenny are largely simpletons the same as Tipp.


Ah here


Shefflington is for sure


The 2 Johnnies > The Rubberbandits


Faint praise


A banana picker


So she fucked off out of it as soon as she could afford to then.


Just in the door from the mainland into mammies, two gas feckers on here, who Are they?


Bridget and Eammon, Ryan informs us


Comic genius tas .


More towing the political line and fantastic leading questions from young Andrews. Great insight from a former Radharc presenter to boot


Nepotism alive and well in Eire and on RTE with Ronnie Drews son and Frances Blacks daughter on as guests here singing folk songs. Neither would puck it out to their parents or be on tonight bar their surnames.


I didnt watch it but that useless bitch McGuinness was on with Tubs. I dont suppose he sprung any surprises on her did he?



Conor Sketches sounds good.