Need to get a new lawnmower.

Would like an electric one because:
[]I don’t like getting petrol
]I have an outside socket in my back garden
[]Garden isn’t that large that would absolutely require a petrol one
]I see they have new cordless ones which would help out on the whole health and safety side of things

Currently have just a push mower (good one though, a Husqvarna) but it’s woefully inadequate for my needs and would require weekly mowing. I’m hoping I could get away with every second week with an electric one.

You tend to read that petrol ones are shit from people who are really into mowers but they’re the same people who probably sharpen the blades regularly and talk about automatic transmission and chokes and decks on a lawnmower. For a man of simple needs I’m just looking for some reassurance that an electric one will suffice.

Oh and interestingly while browsing some lawnmower thread on (which is full of petrol-heads) I noticed a guy called The Link Walsh who is big on mowers. Is that our beloved Link?

Electric is grand. Our garden at home is pretty large, particularly the back one, and we have an electric mower which has a cord. Get an extension lead and mind that the chord doesn’t go near the blade and it’s a piece of cake.

You should ask your father in law which he prefers as presumably he has to cut the grass for you aswell.

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Are you sure you would be ok with the “plugging in” aspect of the electric lawnmowers?
Also would you do if you needed to change the plug on it at some stage?

Might be best to hire someone in to do it.

Prefer the petrol ones myself. I had an electric one but it was stolen.I think it was knackers. A petrol with a Biggs and Stratton engine is your only man.

Rocko don’t go measuring mowers with the link his mowers have conditioners and everthing

How big is the lawn

I find my electric one is the bees knees though I am playing with fire as lead is a nightmare to spot for someone who is afflctled by colour blindness.

I would echo Balbecs views here. Had a Briggs and Stratton for years. It was virtually indestructible. Have a Honda now. Not quite as good but still a good machine. As a general rule I’d say electric mowers are for poofs

Lots of unfair abuse dished out here - I’m quite good at DIY if there’s a plug involved. Only yesterday I did some power drilling and a bit of power screwdriving. And I’d be a dab hand at changing a plug or throwing a bit of ethernet together with a crimping tool or whatever.

The lawn is petite in the front, maybe the size of 2 or 3 cars.

Out the back it’s about as wide as a house with a garage to the side would be and it’s a tricky one to measure in length - maybe 50 or 60 feet? It’s a reasonable size but nothing spectacular.

I’ve actually gone and bought myself an electric one. I do take the point on the petrol ones being superior but there’s no way I’ll get to share this chore with Mrs Rocko if it involves petrol. I’m marketing this as an eco solution to our lawn which will ensure maximum buy-in and sharing the workload.

Fuck sake Rocko, no man asks his wife to cut the lawn.

An electric one will do you fine with lawns that size rocko.

An electric one sounds right for the size of the lawn you have Rocko, but it will use a huge amount of electricity. It might actually have been more cost effective and sustainable to get a petrol one. The next question is two or four stroke. Personally, I have a large front and back lawn and find a properly maintained two stroke does the job perfectly. (cue numerous narf narf replies about wanking).

Do youse blokes use a grass catcher on your mowers? I mulch mine, don’t catch it. You need to here as the topsoil is about 2mm’s deep, so anything that builds it up is necessary, not really a problem in Ireland when you have about 60 metres of peat underfoot.

its grass you utter fucktard- it rains & it grows then you cut it & then it rains again

did you get caught mulching yourself over here & thats why you were shipped off down under?

I think TASE has answered your questions but just in case…

Never used a mulcher before and from the various threads I was using I don’t think it’s advisable to be using one all the time in Ireland anyway because the grass will go back too quickly.

Are two stroke engines not hugely inefficient (i.e. way more inefficient than electric?)

Might be a lot of electricity alright but I’ve done it now. Delivery tomorrow which is top quality online service from

A mulcher mower is the best as it helps fertilize the lawn and smothers any moss at the same time plus the fact you don’t have to stop to dump the grass every few rounds.

Get the groundskeeper to cut the grass.

I have a fair bit of moss on my front lawns, half considering tearing them up and reseeding them.
Probably not worth the hassle though.

You shouldn’t need any help fertilising anything.

Moss is good. It looks green, never needs to be mowed and is comfy to lie on.