League Sunday Thread


Why do RTE even bother with this insulting shit?


He appears worse than most. I cant recall the last decent on they had.

The first choice doesn’t inspire confidence either.


You free staters are all the same, can give it out but go crying about the big bad nordies when fire is met with fire.

Soft, entitled hypocrites.




No way should McCurry have been sent off for that unprovoked assault.


Was it just the 5 Ulster players red carded today?


It’s part of their culture/cultural thing


Those Kerry jerseys may very well be the greatest thing ever about the GAA.


Most of the posters here are little girls pretending to be geesers.


Fair play to the Kerry goalie for the first goal, had he not lay down, that ball could very well have hit him.


David Clifford’s movement today was as graceful as the movement of a 17 year old girl wearing six inch heels trying to smuggle a naggin of vodka into the Wesley disco in her underwear.


To my eye Clifford was involved in 1-2 there in the opening half. Nothing wrong about that.


Quinlivan is a Rolls Royce of a Footballer. :clap::clap::clap:


Shower of wankers all involved in that shitstorm of a Programme.


Sad to see the size Darach O’Connor has built himself up to. An indictment of the modern game.


I counted 7 Ulster players as well a team official who got the line today


Prob got him his goal


Your from the north?

Ya soft auld cunt :joy:


What percentage of total reds was that I wonder?


You’re the soft one, guy. You’re whinging like a little girl about a team responding physically in kind.

You need to toughen up, no wonder Galway haven’t won a football Championship match at Croke Park since 2001.