League Sunday Thread


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Not as rattled as a Galway football team in Croke Park in the summer months.


It says it all for the high standards of Tyrone GAA followers and how seriously they take the game that @Cicero_Dandi is in such an annoyed state this evening.

And this on a weekend when the Moy notched another famous All-Ireland series victory for Tyrone over Kerry.

This is the type of bad weekend that other counties can only dream of.


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Any footage of this McCurry incident?


Fair play to Limerick for turning up in their change kit. Nice to see a bit of sense.


Liam Sheedy picking up a few bob in Antrim it seems CC @smark


Poor enough match report from Dave Kelly in Tullamore there.

Even got the refs name wrong.


Great to see the best in the business on the whistle up in Omagh, only man to keep manners on that shower.

Although not even the greatest can spot every bit of thuggishness


The fucking hipster head on Moyles :sweat_smile:


Jesus, some of that Tyrone shooting


Don’t know if it was mentioned elsewhere here but he was presenting the sports news on the 9:30pm news on RTE 1 last night and led the GAA segment with the news that Mayo had beaten Kerry. There were brief highlights of that match in which the voice over by somebody else stated Kerry won, followed by the night’s scores being flashed up on screen, during which Kelly said “and there’s confirmation of Mayo’s victory”.


The camera work at newbridge ffs


Super camera work here in Newbridge.


Newbridge is a shithole. Its falling to pieces around them. A TV gantry is the least of their problems.


Cian O Neill still with ear piece in for post match interview


He corrected himself at the end of the bulletin


I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do his next interview wearing a Steve Jobs-style microphone.


Someone has to tell him what to say


Or rather somebody shouted in his ear to tell him to correct himself.