League Sunday Thread


Ah stop…they can’t go upsetting Dublin again… Pure filth I heard.


There were no cameras at the match mate.


O’Gara seems a red card likely to happen every game.
Can’t understand why Jim Gavin would take the risk of this (unless he thinks mindless acts of acting the maggot are needed on occasion)


Galway radio commentary said he gave Sean Andy O’Ceallaigh a belt on the back of the head.

Note: Galway radio commentary.


Not even mentioned let alone shown. No mention or coverage of Dublins orchestrated systematic fouling as Galway looked for late equaliser either.


Spillane was too busy this week reciting the rule book section related to match official interference he learned off last year for Dermo v Carlow. In this instance, on the Andy Moran ref barging incident v Tyrone.


Did the Moran incident get mention? Surely that’s a 3 month ban for him if the rules are to be applied consistantly.


Keegan apparently has a broken collar bone so will be doing very well to make it back for May 13th.

If him and Moran are both out, Mayo have a problem.

Where Galway also have an ace on Mayo is in their bench. They’re building a decent looking panel whereas Mayo are still effectively working off 18 players.


I take it Spillane was screaming for a 3 month ban for Moran, like he was for Connolly?


ah here let that go. he has started maybe 1 game for de dubs since. It is de dubs who can have Dermo playing for Dublin not Spillane. he isn’t getting selected recently

far inferior players are picked more often for Dublin than Connolly , hardly spillane’s fault

lets see dermo selected for Dublin if ye want to see him play

It is a long time back since spillane and co allegedly got dermo suspended. he is hardly still suspended and pat preventing him from playing?? answer that rather than have a pop at Pat


The guy on RTE doing the commentary with Brian Carthy said the same.


EOG brings something that Gavin doesn’t have. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be there. The moment someone else does it, EOG will be gone. It’s simple. Sometimes you need what an EOG has.


Connolly must have pissed off Gavin something shocking to be getting the treatment he’s gotten.


He he still on the squad? You’d surely play him in some capacity or just drop him altogether…


That would be the completely impartial Padraig Joyce


Ah no, if he dropped him, he wouldn’t be there to save his ass like against Mayo in the All Ireland Final last year. My source in the camp said Gavin was seething about having to spring the panther, and has been raging ever since. It’s part of the reason for his increased narkiness in his dealings with RTE, etc


I think Dublin are vulnerable this year. Jack McCaffrey, Bernard Brogan, Connolly and Flynn all look likely to be unavailable. Cian O Sullivan has become very injury prone too. Then Cluxton , MDMA, Philly McMahon, Paddy Andrews all look like they are in decline. I’m not convinced the newer players like Basquel, Scully, Paddy Small and Howard are of the same quality at all.




Replacing a gifted thug with a useless thug is a strange tactic.


You literally couldn’t make it up