League Sunday Thread


Yes I did. He was in absolute agony.


The pitch in Castlebar makes Pairc Ui Chaoimh look like a carpet.


Great to see that scumbag Lee Keegan get a wallop.


No cameras at Pearse Stadium. The top two teams in the league going head to head in the box office GAA fixture of the weekend.

Any high profile pundits who work for RTE who have been moaning about other television stations getting rights can shut the fuck up.


It has been said a million times before but God bless TG4.

RTE’s sports coverage is becoming more and more meagre, in particular their dwindling GAA portfolio.

Galway - Dublin was a no brainer for even a 90 second Pat McAuliffe cameo report.


TG4 are far from blameless as regards the lack of cameras today.

That’s some head of hair on Marty Clarke.


100% . And youd have miserable cunts complaining about the Irish commentary then


What’s particularly annoying is that their highlights package on Sunday nights focuses heavily on the games shown live on TG4 earlier in the afternoon.

Even the way they announce the results and standings, there’s never any explanation of the various promotion/relegation permutations that could have unfolded. It’s just so shoddy, like all their GAA coverage generally.


I’ve a notion that somebody else may have made this point here recently but several times in the last week I’ve noticed RTE sports announcers across radio and television mispronouncing the names of sportspeople.

One of them was last night when somebody, it might have been Claire McNamara, pronounced Nemanja Matic’s surname as “Matik”.

It shows a real half assed, couldn’t be bothered attitude.


@Sidney just got mugged off good and proper.


What annoys me is the fact that they never show the time elapsed when showing the score clock.Especially in highlights. Amateur hour.


For all the moaning about Sky entering the market - RTE’s GAA coverage has actually deteriorated somehow since.

Pure laziness. Shur we’ll just throw it out as we’ve always done.



If there was a camera it was on the stand.


This is an unmerciful clamping for me.

Brought down by the power of one (wo)man and one camera.


That does grate.

Their match reports are diabolical. Even here - a ball dropped short in the first half made the highlights package of Galway - Dublin ffs.


Worst match report of all time.


Dublin turned around a 10-5 deficit and not one score from that period but yet Sherlock incident included and commented on.


It’s just lowest common denominator. “Throw out any shit to them roasters, they don’t know any better. Bring the usual suspects onto the panel to throw out a few cliches”. RTE don’t give a shit. And saps like O’Rouke and Brolly went them to have a monopoly?


You know Kerry are getting desperate when you see Spillane giving it big licks about Clifford scoring 2 points from play against a Kildare side who have lost every game in the league.


Was only half paying attention
Was O’Garas red card not covered at all