League Sunday Thread


So the suspension cost him his place in dublin team? Yeah i think you’re right…has he started since?
Just shows Spillane had an agenda last time…made an absolute tool of himself lasr night saying it’s a black card offence when he read out the specific rule for connolly…its clear proof connolly doesn’t get a fair shake…


Connolly was done solely on the basis of his previous rather than the offence, which was wrong.


Spot on pal… muldoons waiting with their loaded chambers for anything the square jawed genius does wrong. .
Tyrone finishing for the goals was class…no way midfielder should have been sent off for lee keegan either. Ball there, a tad late but if they both were same size it would have been a simple collision


Deegan is a terrible ref.

Cavanaghs black card was ridiculous, probably the linesman more responsible for that. Great to see Mattie Donnelly back to form, had a poor year last year. Loads of players really standing out in the league this term - McShane, Burns, Meyler and McGeary have all really staked their claims.


Spillane is goosed now


Cavanagh flung the mayo lad to the ground. It was fairly obvious. Boyle prob should have been black carded first time.


The Mayo lad charged at Cavanagh when the play went dead and the two of them went to the ground.

It was a dreadful call and no doubt will be rescinded along the way if it comes to it.


You’ve clearly never played the game. Cavanagh was sly about it but there’s no doubt that he flung him to ground.


I see you’re being illogically argumentative so I’ll leave you to it.


I’m not.


What time is tonight’s show on at?


Half 9


RTE didn’t bother to show the pivotal moment in the Donegal - Mayo match in the highlights package there, when McBrearty butchered the chance to put them two points up deep in injury time before Mayo went down the other end to equalise.

RTE really are useless.


Whelan and O’Se going on as if this starting a melee by the winning side in injury time is a new phenomenon.

It’s be going around for years. Mayo and Donegal were the victims of it in 2014 against the whiter than white Kerry when they instigated brawls as they tried to wind down the clock to their victories.


Simple solution. No contact until ball in play


Possibly some merit in Kieran Shannon’s suggestion that the sanction for a black card offence late on (can’t remember his suggested cut off time) anywhere on the field should be the concession of a free in on your own 14-yard line.


Nothing on Boyle’s nasty hit on Gallagher either. He gets away with murder.


Is that a wig on Philly.


He looks folically challenged alright.


Was only wondering that