League Sunday Thread


The coverage of the league football is utterly shit from RTE. No coverage of Tyrone-Kerry or Galway-Kildare.


I enjoyed the show this evening I have to say.


RTE news - Shane Barret got Tipp off the mark. Sutcliffe knee flailed out at Paudie (it was Ronan) They really don’t give a fuck)


Fucking Shefflin and Cummins


Worrying trends for Dublin, they lost in their home ground today and had to resort to filth to get a result in Salthill. Combine that with the Connolly fallout and I fear for them next week


It’s hilarious the amount of posters getting worked up about RTÉ’s coverage.

If that’s all ye have to worry about lads, life isn’t too bad.



Factual error by Henry Shefflin.

Wexford didn’t win the league in 1993.


Henry shefflin looks like he’s dying.




I think we’re still short a couple. Don’t think Galway will have the hunger to go back to back.


Shefflin doesn’t realise that our sweeper last year was to allow lads bomb forward. Ryan, O’Keefe and Donohue had plenty of scores from play. Ridiculously lazy analysis.


Correct, you only bother with the league if you have to


Parnell Park is Dublin’s home ground. We are at a significant disadvantage compared to other counties in not being able to play at our home ground.

That Dublin haven’t had a home match since 2010 makes the achievement of five All-Irelands and four league titles since 2011 all the more impressive.


No. I think winning last year will have knocked the raw edge off Galway and when Tipp meet them this year the result will be different.

There’s a lot of drinking and riding to be done after ending 29 year famines.


Still feel we lack a tight, specialist marking defender and slightly concerned about the sweeper too. Shaun Murphy had his customary concentration lapse early on yesterday in letting a ball go through him, but Joseph Cooley duffed his pick up when he would have been clean through. Freetaking issues can be resolved if O’Connor and P Foley take short and long range ones respectively. We’re creating plenty of goal chances with/despite the sweeper set up so not concerned about our league goal tally (haven’t scored goals in 3 of the 6 games to date). Reck, Foley x2, R O’Connor all adding to last year though.


That ronan maher sending off was utter bollox.




Jaysus Bandage. Twenty posts ago ye were nailed on for the aif.


I think we’ll struggle to overcome Tipp.


McGovern and Firman will be good additions next year. Would be playing Firman this year but don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. Little or no cover for the backs.

I think Davy will hang on for the third year. We won’t turn on him like his own.