League Sunday Thread


Joe Brolly on Dublin: “The only thing they don’t have in the backroom team is a gynecologist.”

There’s a cunts joke to be made here by someone smarter than me.


That was another very enjoyable show. Joe and Pat bounce off each other well.


Anthony Daly up next



That first half was a fair arse opening for Wexford at home.


Daly does be laughing away at himself at the most inappropriate times


Anthony (Je no) Daly


That second ronan maher sideline was majestic


Nice points but he’s teeing them up lovely, great hits but he makes a clear advantage teeing them up as he does.

Surprised more lads aren’t at it.





Will this mean tg4 is shunted aside?
The two lads with iPhones will be at a loss.


Try reading the second sentence of the article.




Are you in a hurry this morning?


I’ve just run 12k :+1:
I must in my wisdom have kept this morning clear before the Christmas as a little pick me up.
It’s bitterly cold.


I just knew he was out performing some unlikely feat of physical endurance


A 12k jog?


My knees are sore


Anyway, as a fellow athlete, I thought Bandage would feign an interest


I was out running in the pissing rain this morning at 6.30am and it was simply glorious. Conditions brought back wonderful memories of a brilliant goal I scored against Shamrocks from Enniscorthy in an Under 12 county semi-final in 1991. Slaloming through the defence in an absolute deluge from the right half forward position and burying it from the 21 at an angle. My late grandmother from Kilkenny said it reminded her of Jimmy Langton. Christ, I was some player.