League Sunday Thread


Joanne had the rugby mention in there. :roll_eyes:


The weaker counties dont get that Laz


“Icing on a back to back cake”

Dear God Evanne.




Think it will be Tipp and Galway in one AI semi final with Wexford and Clare in the other. Tipp motoring well but Barry still has a lot to prove to get back to his all star campaign after Tossy Hammill crashed and burned in Nowlan Park. 2 corner backs have been real finds and add strength in specialist positions where we have struggled for years. Barrett and D Maher also provide options. Half back line is our strongest line with Heffernan really stepping up allied with Feehan really coming from no where to winning a starting berth. Kennedy also provides cover here as well as midfield possibly. Picking forwards will be a serious proposition. You could realistically have 12 very viable options vying for 6 spots. Need to get balance right between grafters, ball winners and finishers. Curran and McCarthy have still a lot to prove in my opinion but I’d still have Dan McCormack and Bonnar over the 2 of them and maybe even Niall O Meara. Then McGraths x2 and Forde. Leaves you with Callinan, Bubbles, Breen etc to come in.


I think yell struggle with more than that, but there we have it.


Strongest panel assembled for a long time by any county.


Firman was solid against Tipp, Clare and Kilkenny but Donohoe and Devereux appears to have overtaken him now they’re fit again.


Sure the best game in the country is wexford vs wexford seconds.


Steady with the windmilling please.


I was chatting to the lad who did their Xmas Eve training session last week. Based on that alone, if they’re still hurling in late July, it’ll be a minor miracle


:smiley: :clap:


In fairness to Davy he’s brought them on a good bit. I know they had a couple of Leinster U21s but if someone said 5 years ago that Wexford should beat Kilkenny handy enough in Championship you’d have been laughed at.


They won’t though. They might beat them, as might galway, but it won’t be handy.


Based on yesterday’s performance Wexford will beat Kilkenny handy.


Maybe. It’s kk though. However limited an odd one may be, they still have five or six of the best in the game, Cody, the ref, and they will not walk silently into the night.


What every hurling fan thinks about Kilkenny


I find myself nodding in agreement with Woolie yet again.

I wish all GAA was on eir sport with Des Curran presenting.


Stage 5


Joe and Pat :clap: