League Sunday Thread


The Mitchel brothers doing the punditry .


Christ Derek is gone away to nothing


He is but he is good at this .


Cork’s 2013 vintage looking fucked


Conor O’Sullivan ffs :rollseyes:


Derek using the verb cant a lot here.


Sssshhh… The Champions are on.


Kilkenny were already on mate.


Nasty scenes there, you’d hope there’ll be hefty suspensions handed down.


Flanagan was a pure cunt there.


Surprised that Limerick can’t get a sponsor.


Davy disappointed there that the rules are being enforced.


The carry on on the Limerick GAA thread here is turning potential investment away.


The analysis is praising a few scorers .

That said one thinks Derek won’t be criticizing the sweeper system .


Plain to see he didn’t want to be there.

Derek putting the boot into Finnegan.


Limerick were absolutely filthy today, but you need to roll with it and get on with it. I think the time for crowd segregation in the GGA has arrived also. The Limerick supporters shamefully and extremely unsportingly got Liam Ryan sent off. They wouldn’t have been able to influence Fergal Horgan if they were penned into a section on the corner of the Pineridge Terrace rather than having prime covered stand seats.


Ah fuck off Joanne. Trying to be the big fella so she is.


I hope Flanagan gets six months for striking with the stick. He deserves that.


Good manly dunts into ribs there.


A boy Flanagan boy, take no shit :clap: :muscle: