League Sunday Thread


Typical bully boy tactics from Wexford and then start whinging when they get a bit of their own medicine.
You couldn’t make it up.


Shameful stuff from Liam Ryan really. Limerick lads just trying to hurl and he goes and shoves Cian Lynch in the back driving him into the hoarding. Could have killed the hurler of the year. Has the gall to then get poor Flanagan sent off on top of that.


Liam Ryan was trying to do the cunt from the start. Firstly Seamie mugged him off for a lovely point then battered the fuck out of him on the sideline to put him in his box :clap:


Flanagan, as with many players who wear their socks up to their knees, seems to be a right little cunt.


Flanagan was leading him a merry dance and he couldn’t hack it


Malachy then with the sprinkles and marshmallows on top, a couple of beautiful Pallas style dunts and jabs to the guts of whatever Wexford cunt was in sight :ok_hand:


Where did the Limerick lads go on holiday? I didn’t hear the panellists mention it in the analysis there. Anywhere nice?


We battered the fuck out of ye


There’s a great bit of cut about Malachy.


As my father said today “imagine those Wexford cunts were told to go out and try to out hurl Limerick!”


Wexford were at it all day. Late sneaky little digs here and there. Feigning injury when Limerick had a bit of momentum.


Daly speaking like a lad who left that minor gig a year too early. Fancied a bitta Cancun himself


Tipperary sponsored by an International c suite advisory firm. Bashar Al Assad will be impressed by that.


Tipp were very impressive last night. I said back in November I’d never seen Callinan as fit and sharp looking


Clare are unreal for producing tall lanky gangly awkward bastard full forward line type players


Maher going well for them at FB albeit as a sweeper is good news for us, Gillanne will skin him Saturday night.


Flanagan will be a loss. Tipp are about 2 months ahead of us physically and hurling wise though, they’ve been flat out since October


What better chance to mentally break them then!


Here lads, fuck off to the Limerick thread there please


Joanna is a bigger company man than Dick Clerkin