Leavin' Gerrard

A bit of discussion on Football365 regarding this so said I would throw it up here and let the footix decide.

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As a manager or a player ???


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Over rated by Liverpool fans and media
Underrated by utd fans

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I thought he was a fabulous footballer .

Suffered for his versatility but was still a brilliant player… Played RB, wing, midfield and no.10… he had everything in his locker. Fuck knows what he would have been like if he was developed properly in one area, even at underages he was played every where.


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He lacked discipline to hold a position but was so good that it didn’t matter.

Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league?


That’s what I mean by not developed… He got that all the way up through schoolboys , he was played every where in a time where winning was more important than developing a player.

A born loser

Broke the 10 league goal barrier four times in a 17 year premier league carrier.

That isn’t great for a supposedly top class attacking midfield player.

Lampard done it 10 times in 19 seasons and broke 20 once. He also won a few leagues.

The great paul scholes only did it twice in 19 years. The overrated ginger cunt

When did he play attacking midfield? For a few years under Rafa? … He also played on some bang average teams. Lampard was a phenomenal scorer in a great team… Completely different roles.

He always had liberties to attack.he was never an out and out holding midfielder

Saw him lift the champions league, does that count?

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Fantastic player, suffered for his versatility at times when shoved out onto the wing, or deployed as a defensive mid, was best when deployed just off Suarez and probably suffered for the lack of similar calibre striker for the rest of his career.
Overrated by Liverpool fans though. Alonso a better all round footballer for me, from that era alone

They always had to get an alonso or a hamman to mind him

Does that not just say that he wasn’t a master of any position then? There was always better alternatives?

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Well they had hamman and Alonso who wouldn’t have worked in another position so he was sent to the wing.
When he was played a defensive mid it was more because they had no one else who could do it

Nope. Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league?

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