Leinster Hurling Championship 2024

Mick Kavanaghs championship debut, he set up that early goal for Carey with a lovely cross field ball.

Think it might also have been a championship debut for Kilkenny jerseys that didn’t have stripes on the sleeves?


'Twas indeed. A bad move. I’m not sure any county jersey has been as abused by O’Neill’s over the years as the Kilkenny jersey.

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Gavin Lee, bang.

This game means nothing really, I expect Antrim will be minding themselves for Carlow.

Galway 1-6
Antrim 0-9

Galway being beaten to dirty ball all over the field by sounds of it. Strong breeze with Antrim.

Goal Antrim.

1-9 Antrim, 1-6 Galway

It’ll be a 6 way play off in Leinster.

1-11 Antrim, 1-8 Galway

1-11 Antrim, 1-10 Galway

Galway failing miserably under the long Puck out

Is this on GoGo?


Is it not Lancashire v Waterford in Tailtainn Cup that Feargal has decreed that needs to be shown?

Galway need to unleash Adrian Tuohy, Gearoid Mac, Jonny Glynn and Jason Flynn from the nursing home.

Red card for Antrim.

GoGo is a Milton issue rather than a Feargal issue.

Cyril manifesting hard for Conor Cooney but no result

penalty Galway*

*won by Conor Cooney

goal from peno by Conor Cooney

1-11 Antrim, 2-13 Galway

The fix is in. The GAA will not be denied that massive Galway crowd who will turn up for the Leinster final.