Leinster Hurling Thread


What time is Clare v Tipp tomorrow


2:00pm. A junior b game like the one in Asbestos Park this evening will wake the premier boys up.
Tipp for Liam 2018.


Both games in Munster are on at 2pm.


The league table never lies.

But this year was really about restoring Dublin to competitiveness, and Pat and Tessio have certainly done that.


Will Dublin have Galway and Wexford at home next year? You’d fancy them to be one of the three if so.


Final score Galway-Dublin?


26 to 2-19


Didn’t win anyway near enough ball in the air in the second half and we weren’t sharp enough to gobble up the loose breaking balls. Should have emptied the bench earlier in truth. Fair enough, he doesn’t rate the squad depth but you have to use them when your starters are either getting outplayed or tiring. No doubt the 4 weeks in a row thing will get trotted out.

Had at least 3 or 4 very good chances and various other half chances to score points to stop their momentum at different intervals in the second half, but missed most of them. Fanning free, R O’Connor free x2, McDonald x2, J O’Connor. Despite fantastic long range frees by Foley, frees overall let us down in the second half.

It was an annoying lack of nerve, as there was nothing to be afraid of. Kilkenny didn’t particularly impress me in coming back - it was grinding kind of stuff more than anything and a lot of converted frees.

They were actually much better at manufacturing frees than us, and little things like that are crucial when James McGrath is refereeing as he doesn’t understand the game.

I’m distraught at missing out on the Leinster Final. :cry:


Damien Lawlor has a great way of interviewing managers post match on Sky.

RTE missed out there again.


Not much of a prize for winning today. No point getting mangled again by Galway. Any of munster teams in a qtr final would be desirable from a Wexford pov


The four sides that have to play four weekends running - Offaly, Wexford, Tipperary and Waterford in their fourth game all facing a side who had the previous week off - Dublin, Kilkenny, Clare and Cork. That’s not very fair on amateurs.


Pretty much my own thoughts too. When they got a run on us, none of our “leaders” stood up to the task really. Gave away some really sloppy scores too, mis placing simple balls and turning it over. Missing far too many easy chances. McGrath too didn’t help. Kilkenny got some really soft frees and similar fouls by them were not then awarded. It would have helped take the sting out. But still, it was our own doing, the ref had fuck all bearing on the overall collapse. It was in our own hands to win out and we fucked up more so than Kilkenny beating us. The 4 weeks wasn’t a factor in my opinion, and Davy didn’t really dwell on it much in his post match interview either.

Badly need to get more depth, or at least give more fringe players games thru the league or in the easier of the group stage matches.


We also conceded three points in the second half from backs being ponderous going down to complete the pick up to secure possession - Ryan, O’Hanlon, O’Keeffe. Reck misplaced a handpass to Foley late on too and that was pointed. Losing in a self-inflicted manner from a winning position is infuriating. I’m seething. 3 defeats in a row to them this season too. FFS sake.


We’re still very naive and panicky at times and our composure and decision making goes to pot.

When we click like in the first half we can knit some quality passages of play and scores together - really nice stuff with the ball going through plenty of pairs of hands. But then we give back the scores from these well executed moves so easily with sloppy errors and poor decisions.

It’s a cliche but we needed someone to take an injury knee for a couple of minutes halfway through the second half when they had a run on us.

And some of our experienced players should be less snatchy with shots at this stage of their careers.

It’s a real sickener though.

Disallowed point before half time when Paddy Deegan took a dive. Aidan Nolan’s diving hook on Walsh who blatantly picked it off the ground but they ended up getting a pointed free in the aftermath. So many little moments that could have gone the other way.


Fanning really needed to take responsibility in second half especially after we went 9 up. Puck outs alone cost us the game.


Sob stories all over the place from the Wexford crowd here. Throwing away a 9 point lead is the real story


Taste their tears Fran, taste them all.


Did one of them not do that when he took a spectacular but harmless enough tumble with 10 left?


Is James McGrath the first referee to ref a game in his own province in this new format?

As far as I can recall, all of the referees to date have been from the opposite province or Galway.


He sent most of the puck outs down to the right half forward position in the second half alright.