Leinster Hurling Thread


Owens reffed one of the Offaly matches as did McGrath.



Very fair point, and that is the be all and end all. Conspiring to lose such a lead and the game itself despite being the better team by a fair bit is beyond galling.


It’ll work out better in the long run I think. We’d have no chance of beating Galway even if we had got a result.


Don’t beat yourself up too much, Dublin made an even bigger cunt of it against KK


Oh and I forgot about the “shur we didn’t want to win it anyway…” excuses


Was it Holden blown up for throwing a handpass? Did ye see the attempt he made? :smile:


Have you ever seen a more blatant one mate? Can you think of one? Just one?


You have the horn for Holden something wicked


At least it was only a Leinster final you missed out on and not a blue riband event like a Munster Hurling Final.


I’ll have to have a good long think about it.


I’m sure it’ll coen to you.


I think we’re a better team than Galway. Fair enough it’s 2 wins apiece for Wexford and Galway in the 4 meetings since Davy took over so the teams are pretty even. But we’ve beaten them in the only knock out game we’ve contested and I also think we’d have been determined to make amends for last year’s Leinster Final. We’ve left a Leinster title behind us this year through slackness, lack of depth, some management indecision and a bit of bad luck.


Ah stop, have you not seen it?

Christ I hope it’s Holden? :see_no_evil:




Did they find Lee Chin yet?


Go easy on Lee Chin and the Wexford lads. Most of them have to get up for work on Monday morning.


Kilkenny 11/13 from placed balls, Wexford 6/12. ROC missed 3, Fanning 2 speculative very long range ones and Foley one long range one. Foley nailed 4/5 of the long range ones though. ROC hits anything from inside the opposition’s half but he missed 2 from out around the 65. Probably better for Foley to hit those. That last one ROC missed from the touch line after soloing down the line and winning the free himself…I wanted Foley to hit that.




I don’t buy this argument of Wexford being hindered by playing four weeks in a row.

The likes of professional hurler Lee Chin should have revelled in such a scenario.