Leinster Senior Hurling Championship 2023

Strong Kilkenny team named for a game against Westmeath.

TJ back, new midfield, Padraig Walsh back out to wing-back, Lawlor reverts to 3.

Drennan injured. Clifford is the only U-20 involved, he starts.

FOTF Paddy Doyle makes his championship debut

Nothing from Antrim yet.

Dublin still just a bit short up front, I think.

I am not a close follower of Dublin hurling ( and less the footballers) but where are all the Cuala lads gone?? I know its 5 years since the won their 2 in a row but yod expect there would be a couple still around (apart from the goalie).

Cian O’Callaghan is gone travelling, and is a loss tbf.

I think Sean Moran is gone off the panel too; tbh, I don’t think he was good enough for county hurling.

Then you have the Schuttes, I think Mark was on the panel last year, not sure what his story is but hasn’t been a starter for a few years. He’d be 32 this year anyway.

Similar with David Treacy, a grand freetaker, but probably not good enough in the grand scheme of things and will be 34 this year.

A few others like Darragh O’Connell, Colm Cronin, Jake Malone were around panels for a few years but don’t know if they ever made a massive impact at county level.

Con is obviously the big one.

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Fintan Burke and Mannion not starting. Galway must have a serious side. Burke and McInerney surely switch too. Look a bit light weight in half forward line. While Tom Monahan is a good scoring half forward he can drift in and out of games but he has probbaly done most of his hurling midfield anyway.

Who has the best Canva offering lads?

That’s the real question.


Not Westmeath anyway.

Galway’s would be the best if they managed to get GMac & Burke in line with the rest of their line.

So Kilkenny just trump Dublin because they name their management aswell and a slightly better format.

Wexford finally drop Mark Fanning from in goals.

Or is he injured?

Dropped, and the word is he walked from the panel as a result.

You named your pseudonym after him basically :wink:

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He had long enough in there and can’t have too many complaints.

Fine servant but over the last couple of years he has seemed to throw one in every game.

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Who’s the best person to ask about Dublin hurling? @binkybarnes @Big_Dan_Campbell @Fat_Pox ?

I haven’t really been following Dublin this year, I know they lost a few players, but a lot of the same names still there.

Are the likes of Dara Purcell from Kilmacud and Micheal Murphy from Na Fianna on the panel? They looked like they could potentially be a slight upgrade in the forwards when they played 20s a few years back.

A Munster man having to start this thread on the weekend of the competition kicking off… Tut, tut.

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I don’t think Purcell was starting for Crokes last year in the championship. He looks a nice pacey prospect alright

You took the words out of my mouth.

What the fuck are the Kilkenny lads like @Fran and @Gman at?

@Locke slipping up too

And @Bod95


What about the Galway blockheads?