Leinster Senior Hurling Championship 2023

Limerick came back against Tipperary in 1981 from something like 13 or 14 points down to salvage a draw. Limerick won the replay then handily enough.

Limerick were ten down against Tipp in 2007 and drew.

Wexford trailed by 2-10 to 0-1 at half time against Tipperary in the 1956 League Final and came back to win.

Wexford I believe also staged the biggest ever successful comeback in an All Ireland Final. Against Tipperary again in the 1968 All Ireland Final. Wexford trailed by 11 points just before half time, 1-11 to 0-3. Over the next half hour, Wexford outscored Tipperary 5-5 to 0-1. Tipperary then got two goals, last two scores of the game and Wexford ran out 5-8 to 3-12 winners.

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Cork were 13 points down at halftime in 2021 and came back to only lose by 16


I was trying to think how Wexford might find an edge at the weekend despite confidence being on the floor & the spectre of relegation hanging over us. I wonder if BDE could take inspiration from Mark McGhee going hungry & cold last season ahead of a crucial relegation clash. Of course, Dundee ended up going down & McGhee was sacked but it’s surely worth a try.

“I was trying to make a point with this with Charlie Adam on Monday and he ended up taking the mickey out of me.

“There are two things I am doing this week to focus on getting the win.

“The first thing I have done is to go on a diet so I am hungry all the time.

“I then ask myself why am I hungry and I am hungry because there is a big game on Saturday.

“The second thing I am doing – and I have told Charlie I am doing this – that I won’t be using any heating (at home).

“So I will be cold. I then ask myself why am I cold? I can say because of the game on Saturday.

Galway have never beaten Dublin in Dublin*

*according to a lad at work

I’m not sure Dublin have anything to fear from Galway. Between Parnell Park and Croke Park, Dublin have been comfortable enough in beating Galway in the last few years. Not sure much has changed.

2013 Dublin win
2015 draw
2019 Dublin win
2021 Dublin win

Galway have won only 1 of their last 9 championship games in Croke Park. An excellent, low-pressure chance for them to change that today.

2018 Kilkenny Draw
2018 Clare Draw
2018 Limerick Loss
2020 Wexford Win
2020 Kilkenny Loss
2020 Limerick Loss
2021 Dublin Loss
2022 Kilkenny Loss
2022 Limerick Loss

A fucking woeful record. Game is tomorrow though.

Galway always seem to save their very worst performances for Dublin for whatever reason. You’d imagine they will decide to turn up for one of these games eventually but god knows which one.

Tullamore under McIntyre was as bad as I thought it could get. The Leinster final trimming in 2013 was
far worse. It wasn’t my first time leaving a ground saying I’ll never go to see them again but it’s the most recent.

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It appears that RTE are showing Dublin Galway tomorrow and Kilkenny Wexford match isn’t available on GAAGO. :rage:

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I think Galway will win by 5 or 6. Donoghue doing a good job. Bringing on a few new players but the lads travelling have depleted an already threadbare panel.

Galway get their keeper mistake in early


Morto for @gaillimhmick

Eanna Murphy doing his best for Dublin so far.

Galway being absolutely abysmal against the Dubs is one of the weirder quirks in hurling.


The no look puckout going to his head

Hawkeye briste