Leitrim Football 2017



Colin Regan attacked from a lad behind a keyboard.

Nobody gives a shit what you think.


Aye, you can go and fuck yourself too.


You obviously don’t know the emotion that surrounds a Leitrim vs Roscommon match mate.

It’s less than 48 hours away. Our dander is up. Whatever about slagging off Regan next week or next month, you’ve picked the wrong fucking day to go on the attack.

Now fuck off outta this thread and start worrying about Wickla


There’s no attack. He is what he is.


You captured that one rather mildly if I might say. A county that has produced a litany of cunts going back generations. My first encounter with one of these came the day of the 1958 Connacht final when a blind bastard of a referee called John Murray from Roscommon town (clearly with defective vision) allowed our finest footballer to be blackguarded to the extremities of thuggery.

There has followed another line of snakes - the McManus brothers, Ming Fucking Flanagan, Brendan Shine, Senator Frank Feighan, yon slimey fucker Denis Naughten, Francie Grehan, those bastard developers the Hanleys and I could go on.

Exempted, because I’m a charitable man, is Dermot Earley Snr. who was always a gentleman.

This is beyond emotion, this is historic, ancient tribalism at it’s finest. Fuck every one of them.

Leitrim by 1 after a row…


I’ve a lump in my throat after reading that mate.

We’re going to do it.


I won’t have a bad word said on this noble thread about Colin Regan either @myboyblue.

My current avatar is of his late father Oliver who was always a passionate and voiceiferous supporter.

It’s the era of upsets, defeating these hun bastards will supercede Brexit. Up yours Kevin McStay…


Liatroim Abu


Keep landing the ball in front of our young forwards and well bate the sheepstealing cunts


I just showed Mrs DB your post and she says she hopes you choke on your boxty :eek:


Young Darragh Rooney getting serious reviews. Come on lads.


Hup Leitrim. @The_Selfish_Giant @Matty_Hislop @thedancingbaby @Boxtyeater @farmerinthecity.


I was tempted to drive over tomorrow to see us, but I’m going to save myself for the Connacht final.


I won’t make it myself either now as something has come up but well have good craic at the Connacht final alright.


Half Time in the Connacht under 17 semi final.

Roscommon 0-8 Leitrim 0-4.

@Boxtyeater Fenagh’s Oisin McLoughlin is showing up very well for Leitrim.


What time is the big one @thedancingbaby




Full Time. Roscommon 1-14 Leitrim 0-11


Come on ta fuck


Half Time…Roscommon 2-9 Leitrim 1-2