Leitrim Football 2018


Best of luck to the Leitrim branch today.


Good luck to Leitrim and Farney today . May the best team win .


Fuck off.


And a lovely weekend to you too and yours my dear friend. .


Its very hot out lads,there’s a nice breeze though.Liatroim Abu.


The Farney Army are travelling in big numbers. Serious streams of Monaghan cars trundling through the village in the last hour. The local youngsters are excelling themselves in terms of hurling insults at them.
A great day for it in any event. H’on Leitrim…


We should be in the shade this week in the new stand eh @Boxtyeater


Christ there must be no one left in Monaghan.The main stand is near full of the cunts.




Badly outnumbered here lads .About 4-1.


10-4 at ht.We missed 2 one on ones early on.Have the wind in the second hopefully that will help.


Is this wan a wag?


Don’t know,where’d ye get that


No luck today.Beat by a better team.


Final score?


0-09 1-18


What did you make of Monaghan?


Listened to it on the radio. We seemed to be a good bit outclassed yet we kept going. The goal at the end was a bit of a git for the score line.


Well that’s that for the year. We were a D4 team against one of the top 8 and once Monaghan found their feet it was only going one way.
They were clearly better conditioned, fitter and showed the experience of being on the road together for years.
And trust me, that’s one of the main ingredients we’re lacking. All this fuckacting between clubs and individuals in opposition to the manage catches up on days like this.

Monaghan will be looking fearfully at the draw. McManus will punish mistakes but there are more alert and disciplined sets of backs out there.
We’ve a nice crop of young lads who if left alone and were anethesised from the fucking political maschinatons of rural clubs would offer hope for the future.

We go again.