Leitrim Football 2018


We were well on top in the first 15,those two missed goal chances were bad misses along with the two 45s Wrynn missed,we battled well and i thought we did ok,monaghan got their scores easier.Unlike last week our forwards were well marshalled meaning the lad running towards their goal has nobody to pass to and ended up stopping,turning and passing backwards thus allowing the monaghan lads time to flood the space and turn over the ball break forward and pop over a point.We have no business being in Div 4 going on what I seen this year,promotion is there for the taking if these lads stick at it.


That’s my initial point - we weren’t able to sustain the early effort - granted the heat was testing but Monaghan realised this and were able to ratchet up the intensity. Cue panic stations and we reverted to a poor man’s effort at (insert county) possession football. Suicidal.

Like yourself there’s a lot to like about the lads who lined out this past fortnight. All they need is inner belief and a properly set out playing style because the desire and ability is there.

In reality Benny’s got to go and a fresh face is needed. Parochial animosities need to be resolved and a clean slate is essential. I commend the players involved - they deserve better leadership.


Agreed.A new face is needed alright,who it is another matter.


Shocking turnout from the leitrim fans today.It was like a home game for Monaghan.I know it was at a bad time but ffs what do people want.


I was talking to 3/4 lads there Tuesday and I asked them what they thought of last Saturday knowing they’d been to the opener in NYC.
Cue guffaws. Boxty it was a weekend for Bundoran ffs.

Cunts travelling 3k miles for a piss-up disguised as supporters. Townie fuckers to boot.


Exactly,fuckin big championship agin a division 1 team on in Carrick and they couldn’t be bothered.Cunts.Fair play to the monaghan lads they had the new stand packed out 40 mins before throw in.


We had graveyard Sunday yesterday and as is customary an adjournment occurred.
Amongst the company was the rascal Gerry Flanagan. Gerry is famous for 3 things:
I). The Gerry solo - where he’s in possession bursting forward and is forced by rule to solo, bounce, pass or kick. Gerry developed a maneavour that involved a half skip while addressing the ball in the direction of the foot and swerving before repeating the exercise.

II). Being a member of the 94 Connacht winning team.

III). The box he flattened John Maugham with in 97 when ran in to remonstrate with him. Maugham, complete in shorts was running in all day and in the aftermath of a scuffle he burst in again. He’d made about 10yds before Gerry poleaxed the fucker.

Gerry’s an alright sort. *

*This may not be everyone’s opinion. Laois warrior Gerry Browne may disagree.


Cries from opposition supporters of ‘number 7 ref!!!’ when it was obvious that Flanagan had done something off the ball. He would then try to hide amongst other players in a vain attempt to avoid detection before being inevitably sent off.

He will always be remembered fondly by me for the Maughan punch alone.


Monaghan lads, will we ate them or what?


Probably the most likely upset this weekend IMHFO.


I fancy Fermanagh to beat Kildare, but I’m not sure that will be an upset.


I’m only takin the piss mate. Monaghan by 8.


I didnt disagree, I pointed out that I think Kildare will be goosed after last Saturday and Rory will invite them into a Carlow like pincer and crush the life out of them.


All over here @TribesmenGAA 4-17 @LeitrimGAA 1-11
Well bet by the looks of it


I hear Mohill bete Manor by a point in the league tonight


Actually not a bad result from what I can see.


For who?



Fenagh 1-10 Drumkeeran 0-12 from tonight. We’re hopeless but serious training has just begun.

No drinking the night before a match the new order. Shit’s gotten real. The problem is it’ll take 10 weeks to win the Intermediate - can we stay on point for that length of time…



I was expecting a 4-25 to 0-03 job!

The Mohill manager has been sacked. A chancer apparently. Two local lads taking over for the Championship.