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Christ Connolly is stealing a living at the minute,copy and paste from Hogan Stand.


Worse again that fucker Terry Hyland appears at the head of the market. He’d be a disaster. An absolute pound-hound as well but what’s to expect. I was told Pete McGrath was the preferred choice but the house being offered outside Mohill hadn’t electricity so he baulked. You’d think it would have done him.


Fuckin Hyland Jesus Christ.Id nearly rather stay in Div 4.McGrath is lookin too much money I hear,plus a new berlingo van.



Connacht Gold Leitrim Senior Football Championship Round 2

Glencar Manor winners over Melvin Gaels 1-8 to 0-15. Well done lads.


Fenagh overcome neighbours Cloone 0-18 to 3-04. We kicked a rake of good points from distance and in the interim conceded 3 sloppy goals but we’re still in pole position in the group.


Is the new manager being announced tonight lads, @Boxtyeater @farmerinthecity @thedancingbaby
Hyland has it in the bag supposedly


I suppose the announcement will go ahead although the removal of the late Paddy Dolan is taking place in town as I type. The C/B though haven’t much savvy when matters like this happen so they’ll probably go ahead and parade Hyland up and down through Carrick akin’ to having suddenly found Shergar alive and well.

I always liked Dolan, a modest friendly man blessed in his day with great pace and 2 good feet. Sadly burying penalties wasn’t on his list. He hit the post with one on Connacht final day in Sligo in 1959 with us a point down with 2 minutes left - the ball was cleared and our cause lost.

Worse again as when I sat down after the ball was cleared the man who had been beside me had keeled over stone fucking dead. The oul’ lad said “layve him there to fuck till the final whistle and we’ll look at him then” in the way you’d look at a bullock after jumping a gate at the sight of the TB tester.

Mick Geelan the owner of a small garage in Mohill was the poor mans name the Lord have mercy on him. Hard to believe it’s nearly 60 years ago now…There’ll be a heavy day tomorrow I’d fear/anticipate/enjoy…


Maybe the new man will have some sense and pull back the reins for a day or two.Would we have bate Down in the semi final?


That would be a winning start if it were attributed to him…

It’s a difficult question but I’d fear not. Down were poor against Galway but were on an upward curve. Galway were on the downslope in fairness that year, the Connacht final day was probably Purcell’s swansong - I never seen him reach his own standards again and he got a hard time in the final. The 59 final was the first time I’d seen O’Connell and O’Dwyer play. O’Dwyer was a terrific wing back, in my own all time top 3 that I’ve seen. Pace, aggression, tackling, supporting whatever it took he gave it.

Down learned from '59 but that’s the type of cynical fuckers that they were. That said about them, they brought a colour and loudness to Clones on big days that make it one of the must experience venues.


Hyland confirmed as Manager. (as from FF candidate Shane Ellis)

We’re fucked.


I never realised how close Leitrim were in the early 90s until I chatted to a staunch Leitrim man in Cassidy’s on Camden. Ye were coming a few years in fairness!


Realistically in the last 3 but when you’re opposed by the poster-boys that were Dublin then (1.2m v 26k) a weak referee and the weight of history what we’re our chances…,


A nice shot taken a few years ago (circa 2012/13) at the re-opening of the Seán o’Heslin park in Ballinamore…
The three Ballinamore members of the Leitrim milleniun 15.
Noel Crossan @1 Paddy Dolan@10 and @Fagan_ODowd’s pal the Honeymonster@2.

Incredibly the Honeymonster appears to be growing further…


He was never too small


Leitrim GAA is delighted to announce the appointment of Cavan native Terry Hyland to the position of Leitrim Senior Team Manager for the 2019 season. Hyland was ratified at tonight’s County Committee Meeting in Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s GAA facility. Terry has a wealth of experience at this level having managed his native county at senior level for a four and a half year period which concluded following the championship campaign of 2016. Previous to that he had spearheaded Cavan’s dominance of the Ulster Under 21 age group over a four year period, reaching one All-Ireland Final in that time span. His vast experience of the inter-county scene included terms as a selector in 1990-2001. As U-21 manager in 2010, he was selector with the then senior management team when Cavan took the developmental route of separating U-21 & seniors. He was joint senior manager with Val Andrews for 2011 and from 2012 – 2016 he took on the Cavan senior manager’s role. In 2013 Cavan reached the All-Ireland quarter-final stage of the championship. Under Terry’s stewardship, Cavan progressed in the Allianz League from Division 3 to Division 1.

Leitrim GAA looks forward to Terry’s tenure in charge of our senior team’s fortunes and wishes him the very best of luck in his new role. Details of his complete management team will be announced at a later stage. Leitrim GAA also wishes to thank the remaining candidates who were nominated for the position for the interest they have shown in the fortunes of Leitrim GAA.

9TH AUGUST 2018/

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Well it’s done now.Not really the man I was hoping for but anyways.Hopefully every player in the county makes themselves available for selection.We’ve a great bunch of young lads there at the minute so I hope he brings them on.Is he going to over see our underage development too?I suppose we should thank our diaspora in NY for making this happen so hopefully it’s money well spent.


Let’s give him a go and see what happens.

Unfortunately the ship has sailed for the likes of the Beirnes and Wayne McKeon.


Is that the Noel Crossan who managed Carrick to at least one Championship?

Never realised he was a Ballinamore man.