Leitrim Gaa 2021

We go again.Promotion from Div 4 is the early goal I’d imagine. It’ll be tough goin with Harte over Louth and McEntee with Sligo.


I think we have Sligo Louth and Antrim in Div 4 North.Waterford Wexford Carlow and London are in Div 4 South.

He’s something to keep you busy @Boxtyeater.How are young lads supposed to improve if we’re changing the management team every year.

Good to see the thread up and running.
The championship format 2021 will suit us, we’re better on ground good to firm than yielding to soft @BruidheanChaorthainn .
There’s a myriad of selection issues…
I’m committed to Fergal McTague at 3, Paddy at 6, Shane Moran and Donal at 8 and 9, Mark Plunkett and Keith Beirne at 11 and 14.
We have a raft of lads well able for a good rattle at it, Terry is visibly ostracising Jack Heslin and the younger Plunketts (he’s averse to having lads from the Willies - they’re single minded but hardy fuckers).
That club mentioned, Sean Flanagan (volatile) and Sean Fox would give you every last drop and you can’t ask for more…
An embarrassment of riches…

Are the Mchughs playing any more? Feilim and paddy?

Division 4 south looks a bit weaker. Winner from each section going up as the two promoted sides from division 4?


Invitations? Co Board not usually have an idea of where they’re looking or at least let clubs nominate personnel?

They got rid of our last senior manager before Terry by telling him he had to apply for his own job :grinning:.

I thought Benny and co were there for a few years?Would there be any chance they already have good people for these positions and are just going through the motions?

If only we had an Eslin man on here who could suss out our chairman

@Boxtyeater could tell you.

Many things could be said about the Chairman but he certainly wouldn’t be the sharpest.

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Benny had to reapply for the senior job after two years. No mention of that requirement for Hyland.

They wanted Benny gone,I can’t blame them I wanted the same.I also wanted the Mohill manager appointed but I’m happy enough the way it turned out.We have a tough group for the league.

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We do but we have very good players. Well able for them.

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I agree totally. We’ve beaten Louth in league and championship lately Antrim will be tough so will Sligo but I think if we’re fit and have a full panel we can win all 3

We should be thinking that way anyway.


Promotion and win the Tailteann Cup.

Why fucking not ??

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Presume Ryan is ok again @Boxtyeater

It’s the way we should always be thinking. When I stepped into the ring in Derry or Dublin or Cork or Galway I always expected to win. And you know what,I usually did.

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We’ve been down the Benny route already, he lacked then, at senior and again now, management skills. Rural clubs, you know who they are, have some smashing young lads and the general feeling is that they wouldn’t get a fair shot. Be it right or wrong, Benny was the overall issue.

Look we’re not Dublin but we have some tough, abrasive club men who, despite opinions mean well. Benny didn’t fit- end of.