Leitrim Gaa 2021

I’m not lamenting the loss of Benny,far from it.

Doable though always hope in the GAA that’s what I love about it, love local everything but GA is a national thing, especially in the (so called)
weaker counties

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All Fenagh stalwarts appear in the finest of form. The way it’s panned out has been great for Ryan - a decent break but personally I feel it may have cost him a yard…don’t know why I’m thinking that but…
Where’s @caoimhaoin when you want him…

@caoimhaoin reckons hillsprints would do him the world of good.Great news on the fenagh lads btw.Full squads all round I think we have the best players in that group of 4.The other 3 will expect a bounce with new management but hopefully we’ll bounce them off the pitch.

I accept that.


Why are there separate requirements for two different people after two years of management?

Also Benny has been a Leitrim GAA man for years. He deserves better.

Maybe I’m missing something.

Benny just isn’t very good.We were very poor under him.NY should have beaten us.Hes Leitrim through and through but he comes across as a simpleton.I wish we could get Darcy involved in Leitrim Gaa in some capacity.

Is he involved with Farrell now in Dublin?

Don’t think so he left with Gavin @binkybarnes @Spidey

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I’d say there’d be stubborn fuckers in Leitrim GAA that wouldn’t approach him.

I don’t know would he have any interest,it wouldn’t be money anyways cause I’m sure he’d well sought after in Dublin and Leinster

Massey has espoused (cc Derek McGrath) Benny’s shortcomings. They’re real. Of course he’s 100% Leitrim but he’s not up to it.

On the issue of his re-appointment the stats, whatever they are, Benny wasn’t delivering and from my point he had to fight for his job and didn’t succeed. Hyland wasn’t my choice but he got us promoted and was unlucky not to keep us up. He’s a difficult fella too, he, to my mind has fucked over a few lads, Diarmuid McKiernan, Fergal McTague and both Plunketts.
But the lads like him, he’s personable and cute enough and we’re lucky to have him even if his style doesn’t sit with me.
Look it, our senior player now is Paddy Maguire and there’s a few years in him yet, at 6 and 2 respectively. Donal is probably next at 25/6…We’ve a fine scatter of good young lads, promotion and settling in D3 should be the first target.
Benny wasn’t up to it and I won’t hear otherwise.

Massey was across the field from me one day in a qualifier when I clambered down from the stand after 20 minutes to point out the problem, Benny shrugged his shoulders, twisted the cap and …

We have a great bunch of players. That’s what I keep going to back to.

Hyland has done ok with us. That’s about it. Promotion followed by relegation, a disaster of a Championship followed by a decent showing against Mayo this year.

He’s overly gruff in my opinion, I’m not massively gone on him but he’s worth more time after a very plucky Mayo performance.

But we’re not lucky to have him, he’s lucky to have us.

Yeah he’s gone out of it. Him leaving first caused Jim to finally go. He’ll put a few years in with Clanna Gael - has few daughters playing or maybe Brigids, before he goes back to county again.

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It’s like a good marriage, were lucky to have each other atm but we’re always on the lookout for something better

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Will players buy into the Tailteann cup do you think? Seems very similar to the much maligned Tommy Murphy Cup.

All depends if it’s given a bit of respect, being played before the senior all Ireland is a must.If not forget about it.

The final is a curtain raiser to one of the hurling semi finals.

I kid you not

Darcy finished with Jim . I think he wanted the big job and Gavin wanted him to get it too but it obviously didn’t happen. He does a lot with ladies football in Clan n.a. Gael. A really decent man.

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Are you saying Darcy wanted the Dublin job?Did he put in for it?I didn’t ever hear him say it tbf but then again you’d never hear anything from the backroom team thank to Jim

My understanding is that when Jim jacked, Declan made a play for the big job with Jim’s backing. Costelloe obviously went for Dessie. From a Leitrim pov that would indicate Darcy has the time.

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