Leitrim GAA 2023

Div 4 Fixtures out

Waterford (home)
London (away)
Wexford (away)
Carlow (home)
Wicklow (away)
Laois (home)
Sligo (home)

4 homes games in the league

How many chanpionship games do they play

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Two toughest matches are last - even if they are at home.

Wicklow away will be a tough one. They have a good crop of lads in their early 20’s and were Div 3 last season. McConville will surely get a bit of a bounce there too.

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That’s the first year in a good while we’ve 4 home games

Momentum baby,if we start well hopefully we’ll keep it goin


I note the dreaded if in your comment. We’re on the search for a No.6.
I’m committed to re-deploying Plunkett there, he strangely went off the boil with the move to the half-forwards. The progress of Fergal McTague is another point of interest. Jack Gilheaney unable to commit is a loss but in inform Plunkett would negate this.

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waiting from Aaron so we’ll see what the big man comes to it and Benny (Brendan) Flynn has left the squad as well.”

While the door closes for the time being for some lads in the panel, it has given the opportunity for some new faces to comer in and impress during the on going off season prep work, Moran spend a lot of time during the Championship season to watch and scout players playing for their clubs, with a host making the cut for a chance at making the panel, with Aidan Flynn a big name coming back into the squad.

“We’re super excited about Killian Gaffey, ex Sligo Rovers Carrick-On-Shannon not many people would know him but a hugely talented keeper, unfortunately just coming back from injury with his cruciate but we’ve got him back on the pitch and he hopefully will be a star for Leitrim in the future, Barry McNulty a really exciting player, we seen him throughout the club championship, I remember the first day I seen him I went down to watch Ballinamore V Manor in a rearranged games down in Ballinamore.

We didn’t know who this young guy was Barry McWeeney even mixed him up my encyclopaedia of Leitrim football even mixed him up, after awhile we quickly discovered who this guy was and from that moment on we’ve had an eye, so he’ll play U20 this year but he’ll also be part of the Senior squad, he’s a fresher scholarship in UCD a really exciting player.

We’ve Radek (Oberwan) from Drumshanbo Allen Gaels, Diarmuid Kelleher from Carrick outstanding throughout the club championship, we’ve Michael McKiernan from Ballinamore, we’ve Eoghan Shanley from Ballinamore and we’ve Aidan Flynn from Leitrim Gaels, who since he’s came back into training has been a huge huge addition to our squad, again I seen him playing Manor Hamilton marking young McNulty down the first round of the championship, after that came we tried our best to get Aidan but it just didn’t work last year to get him in but after that game it was just so obvious that he can play at that higher level so we went after him and we’re happy to say he’s came back in.

And then just two young guys we are offering a time for them to kinda impress is Stephen McLoughlin and Adam Reynolds, them two guys are in with us at the minute, they are training and they’re just going to try and show us what they have over the next month and we’’ll make an assessment on the guys in December.”

Andy Moran also spoke about the goals for 2023 along with the Leitrim Contingent lining out for Sigerson Cup check out those videos below:

There must be a huge amount of lads availing of runners, tops and hoodies and whatnot at this stage. Nearly handier to name lads ‘not in’ with us now for assessment.
Hopefully all this preseason work converts into productivity or Coach Moran will be asked some hard questions. The priority should be firming up the central positions and working from there. If he can’t find 26 sharpish out of the the 40 or so they’re looking at it’s a cod.

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Prime time slot for our championship opener,the pubs will be rammed

A lot of lotto tickets to be sold this year,a nice few bob should be raised over the Easter weekend but there’s only so many times you can milk a cow before she runs dry.

We need to walk in February and March, never mind January

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Glenn Young has been appointed as Glencar/Manor manager for the coming year

Wasn’t he the guy that was there for the five/four in a row?

He was,was with St Mary’s in Sligo.Not sure where he was last.A big step up on Beefy Boylan

Manor are a bit off those days now I believe, despite good numbers, think would they be back to the glory days again?
At least the women are flying it, won last 2/3 seniors plus the junior championship this year, some goin there

Manor won’t be winning anything for a while, rebuilding is where they are at these days.

Is a big crowd expected in the Dome this day week? Intending to go but lazy about buying tickets in case I can’t go etc. ya know yourselves.

As you say you know yourself😉. We always start off with loads of optimistic travellers and this supporter momentum continues unabated as we tramp the highways and byways in January.
The league is where it’s at in 23 make no mistake. It’s do or die this year.

Nothing else counts (until NYC Easter weekend) :beer:X144.

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