Leitrim GAA 2023

Yer fucked lads. Be as well toss today

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Your right pal,Laois will bate us out the gate.

If they do ye may throw her hat at it as it’s the worst set up I’ve seen in all my days

Leitrim by 6

Doubt this is our starting 15,a wet day in Carrick.

No Jack ,Nevin in goals and Evan in for James Rooney :thinking:

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The table is very, very interesting. Aside from the Leitrim/Sligo clash I’m calling it that Wicklow are the favourites to be promoted on the basis of only 1 defeat and 2 draws (given they beat Waterford).
It’s imperative from our pov that we beat the Magpies to give ourselves a fighting chance but I’m unclear whether scoring differences count should teams be level on points and h2hs.
All to play for. That bastion of Pairc Seán will be like Istanbul or the Camp Nou on Sunday.

It’s that old accursed adage ‘it’s the hope that kills you’.

Leitrim beat Sligo
Laois beat London

And Wicklow can go Shit in their hat

I’m advised that in the event of a tie (10 points for 4 teams) the 1st yardstick would be head to heads.
Were we to beat Sligo, LS defeat LDN and WW beat WD them WW will have only lost once thereby giving them the advantage in the H2H . The points differential possibly kicks in then but that’s as I heard it.

It’ll be head to head if it’s a 2 way tie. If it’s a 3or 4 way tie it will be score difference

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One thing that is sure and certain is that Darren Frehill will make an absolute haims of the permutations.


We need to beat Sligo first and foremost,we can worry about the rest later.

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Superb. Thanks bud. As @massy says all we have to do now is win.

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Please god ye do

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