Leitrim Gaa 2024



Barry is a big loss but I understand why the call was made.

You have to be fair to these lads,they have an actual chance of winning a Connacht title in this grade.They have no chance at senior.A huge calls for coach Moran.You can imagine the fallout if they had lost last night.

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Yep - he backed them to win and they did.

Fair play.

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Connacht looks to be wide open.Galway bate us,Mayo beat Galway,We beat Mayo.Roscommon drew with Mayo.Galway beat Sligo.Sligo drew with Roscommon.I think it’s top into the final 2 v 3 play a semi and the bottom 2 play for the shield.Plenty of games for these lads which will benefit them greatly

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How old is young Honeyman Massey?


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Beginning to look like an uphill struggle for Sunday

Not surprised we lost but I was expecting a 2/3 PTS loss.Anyways onwards and upwards.We have a 7 week break till the TC.Should be lots of time for lads to recoup and rest.Its been a long slog since the first match against waherford.The U20s will fill in that gap and hopefully provide us with a day out.

Emlyn Mulligan really is a media darling. Combined Sligo and Leitrim team since 1970

He was good but I don’t know if he was that good.He was pretty much hated by most of the other players from what I’ve heard,we’d need Boxty to have a look at that.

I saw him play a match for st Brigids in the Dublin championship. He was way off the standard

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Agood man from placed balls to be fair

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Hard to know what to say really.

I know we have been out a few weekends in a row and missing players but Jesus that’s disappointing for the first round of the Championship.

Is Beirne back in the fold ?

No. He’s in Dubai the last I heard.

The league was slightly misleading in that I think Wexford would beat them if they met now and Laois were already through when Leitrim played them in the Round Robin phase. It was telling that poor enough Carlow and Longford teams beat Leitrim.

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You could argue the toss on Mulligan but overall that’s a pretty fair team.

Mark Brehony played a lot of matches but was never a great footballer. David Kelly or Dessie Sloyne were better imo.

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Wexford would tear us a new one.