Leitrim Matters MK II


Nice seller’s bonus for the Baxters as they sell the shop.

Is @BoxtyEater ok?

Sell the shop? Really?

Yes - looking to retire apparently. I gather a private sale has been arranged but my interlocutor was not quite clear on this point.

The two of them work very hard and it shows on them I think. Decent folk anyway.

He salvaged a draw in the championship tonight,the old school methods of running laps and pushing cars around fields are showing results.He’ll be back after the Connacht final later in the year


@Little_Lord_Fauntleroy we had a great time last weekend

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i might have to revise my position on this

I knew you’d come round.Sika is a scam,a dead zone with no life anywhere.Killing community’s and everything else around it.

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A neighbour of mine killed by some cunt in Mayo at the weekend.


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Is there anything the beautiful Edwina can’t do

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That stuff with the doors she did was great. A few neighbours of mine involved in that.

The husband looks to be punching.


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Has she given up the teaching,Boxty is doing one for his own townland he says.

She is taking a career break I believe.

She is heavily involved in Save Leitrim, the crowd objecting to forestry sales of land also.

Oh I know all about her,she’s a great bit of stuff.Shes a great Leitrim woman,she’s great for highlighting everything Leitrim.

We nearly sold some land to the forestry and her crowd objected, as is their right.

Thankfully we seem to have found a farmer now to buy it and we are hoping that everything goes cleanly.