Leitrim Matters MK II

Happy to live off the dole and hand it over the counter to O’Brien.

One of O’Briens regulars was caught stealing diesel years ago. The guards didn’t go to his house to arrest him, they went to O’Briens.

As my late uncle said ‘How well they knew where to get him!’


Great life. Don’t understand it but I guess some people are born into it or just pick up bad habits from peers.
Then again, I used say unless you were involved in farming or football around here, the other hobby is the high stool

I’m starting to worry about @boxty lads.


Edwina Guckian was on the Tommy Tiernan show last night.

I’m not sure where I stand on her.

Fuck it I’ll have to see that.Did you watch it?

I watched it on the Player this morning. She came across well but Tiernan came across creepy.

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Big win for Leitrim in the Scottish national.


His owner sponsors the Leitrim seniors.

Don’t no him. Construction I assume?


Was up for a wedding the weekend there. Lovely countryside. Under populated. Keep it that way! Is it still the cheapest county to buy a house? Looking at Carrick on Shannon on the map, it seems to be about 2 hours from a lot of places, Dublin, Galway, Belfast etc.

No Longford is lower now I think.

Some fine spots in north Longford. Locals can be a bit mad though! Once you get past Athlone, I notice a lot of old “big houses” and estates. Heavy planting going on there back in the day!

Heavy planting of a different type going on in Leitrim these days.

I know what you mean! I passed one on a boreen the other day, and I was wondering how the feck did he end up here or all places? THE GREAT REPLACEMENT

I was talking about the planting of trees.


Sika Fucking Spruce

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