Leo Varadkar

A great man for the socks.

Has he the poppy on still?

Theresa would love to mother him

jaysus he’s some gobshite


Socky Varadkar


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Has anyone that meme about Leo and hitler and one being a dicktaker and the other being a dictator

Dont mind the socks, what about his shoes?

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That’s awful weak banter.


Heh heh. It’s actually an Irish game played with sticks and a leather ball and the players are all amateurs. They actually get up for work the next day. And the finals are played in front of 80,000 people.




Stupid cunt forgot to tag Aviva too :grinning:

I think that was the point Mac

I assumed it was then #coybig which is the preserve of the soccerball team

Ciarán Cannon. PD cunt should be contender for COTY.

Leo the Lion winds up the Twitter snowflakes something fierce, very interesting to see the often irrational hatred of him.

Sadly there’s plenty of idiots who use it for both

It’s using the Tri Colour to denote the Irish national rugby football team that is the most egregious part of his tweet.

Sammy Wilson will be fuming :smile: