Let's All Laugh At Sevco Thread

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All wash I’d say. The original 20 or so lads did indeed call themselves the inter city jibbers. Anyhow.

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If you are traveling for free you may as well travel first class

The match specials had first class? Doubtful.

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No real great losses today but it is funny that they have probably let “£80m” worth of “talent” leave for free with very little gained from them.

Replacing freebies with freebies, what could possibly go wrong.

Is that 62 year old goalkeeper Allan McGregor?

He looks as stiff as a board inside in goal. They will probably have to carry him out the gap.

Free up a fair few quid on salarys there. What were they paying Morelos to eat his way around Glasgow?


They might have freed up 100k in the wage bill there but signing freebies from the EPL and Championship as their replacements means its up their wage bill will be going.

Dujon Sterling, Dowell and Butland are all supposedly in the door on bosmans. Would imagine that’s about 60k a week between those three. I think this strategy will backfire on them hoping they can get tunes out of players who were once big prospects but injuries and form have seen them do relatively little in recent years.

I still can’t believe Morelos is only 26. Weren’t they offered big money for him a while back. He’ll be lucky to get a club now

Nice work if you can get it.

Ah he’ll have no bother getting a Turkish club to pick him up. The Scottish media kept saying they were but I highly doubt anyone bid over £8m for him.

Much as I dislike him, I’d love Ange to sign him.on a free and knock a tune out of him. It’d drive the huns absolutely ballistic. It’s less than a year since helander was the greatest signing in history.


Lovely, the Celtic lass certainly said something to her there after bundling her out over the line, the temperature gauge on the orange headed wan didnt take long to rise.

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Congratulations to Sevco on going through an entire season without conceding a pelanty.

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The cleanest team in football

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