Let's Riot! - well kind of

Here’s to a winter of high jinx :pint: :clap:

Tens of thousands of students are protesting in Dublin today against increases in registration fees, with reports of some clashes with gardaí in the city centre.

About 2,000 students gathered on Merrion Row close to the Department of Finance.

Witnesses said a brick and eggs were thrown at the building and that a group of about 15 students made it inside. Gardaí later ejected them.

Up to 25,000 students from colleges across the State had joined today’s march on Leinster House.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen today refused to be drawn on the possible reintroduction of third-level fees in next month’s budget.

Speaking in the Dáil, Mr Cowen said he was not in a position to divulge any discussions taking place in Cabinet on the various adjustments to be made. “We have to look at all of these issues,’’ he said.

Mr Cowen was challenged on the issue by Labour leader Eamon Gilmore in advance of today’s march.

Mr Gilmore said there was a commitment in the revised programme for government which said there would be no new scheme of student contribution for third-level education. He said that had been interpreted by the Green Party as meaning that fees would not be reintroduced by the backdoor by way of an increase in the student registration fee.

Last week, Union of Students in Ireland (USI) president Gary Redmond said a rise in the registration fee would have a major impact on students.

“I think we’re looking at a horrendous situation where parents and families are going to have to decide which, if any, of their children can go to college in future.”

Mr Redmond said attempts by the Government to raise the student services charges, more commonly known as the registration fee, would not achieve anticipated savings as they would be offset by those who were receiving a grant. "We simply don’t know where students are going to get this money from.”

As well as the registration fee, which currently stands at €1,500, Mr Redmond noted that individual colleges also charged an additional levy of between €150 and €350 for student centres and other facilities.

The Irish Times understands that both student grants and increases in registration fees are likely in this year’s budget as the Department of Education attempts to find ways to reduce its spending.

Hopefully the Gardai batter as many as possible - little skangers

Break out the Ak-47s and put them all to sleep.

Hear Hear

The first of many

Some pictures up there on politics.ie
It is only a handful of chaps.
Also, I’m still very hurt by farmers comments on the other thread.
I thought me and him were good buddies.

Yours in hurt,

DB = Thatcher lover

Any city centre based folk able to comment so far?

+1 to all that
id use rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets tho.
i suppose my mates in the IPSC and 32 county soverignty committee were in attendance.
dirty, leftist, socialist, tree hugging fooks.
the army should be left loose on them for a crowd control excercise


This is how it started in Paris in '68. I’m so proud of my fellow students.
We in the art history department of TCD will not be found wanting on this matter.


Great to see some resistance to the right wing simpletons who have bankrupted this country

For fucks sake, everyone has done nothing but whinge non stop for the last two years about the government and the whole recession. Yet whenever anyone actually does bother their hole protesting in a way beyond ringing Joe Duffy or posting on boards.ie everyone is rushing to belittle them.
The passport office, the students, the paint on Mary Harney surely to jaysus people should be making their feelings known a little bit more about the complete and utter fuck up that’s being made of this country? The country is in ridiculously deep trouble after terrible governance and incredible profiteering and corruption. It’s not like it’s all bad luck or something.
Should there not be even bigger protests than this?
This is some right wing, I’m alright jack country when it all comes down to it really and I suppose it’s that mentality which has us on the verge of losing our independence

It’s almost certain that ye have already been identified as the greatest threat to the state. Its time for a pseudonym SS.

I would welcome BrianTinnions’s opinion on today’s events if he is available to make a comment , but, like myself id say he is too busy WORKING so these free loading fooks can get thru college for free or claim welfare checks…

O’Reilly’s rags have turned too many people in this country into nothing but good little compliant consumers with spines like jellyfish - plenty of examples here - cunts.

The rock has been lifted and the right wingers are scurrying like woodlice in the hope of finding another illusion to hide under. The state is finished.

I’ll be walking down after work and if there is anything exciting happening I’ll throw an ould rock at a Copper or something.

Viva la revolution

Dissolve central government