Level 3 Run Challenge - Bank Holiday Challenge


As group training and indoor pub drinking is off the cards at the moment, maybe some of you fat fucks fancy having a go at this jogging fad again.

No race or anything this time but the challenge is to do something new this bank holiday weekend. That could be any of the following:
Run for an hour for the first time
Run 5km/10km/20km/30km etc for the first time
Run off road for the first time
Run under 25 mins for 5km for the first time this year (cc @bandage)
Etc etc etc

Essentially, just challenge yourself to do something new with your running

Post up your effort here and if you feel generous about it, maybe throw the price of a couple of pints over to @RaymondCrotty, Ratana and the lads.

Who’s in?

*disclaimer: I might be logging my effort late as I’ve got (running) plans already


Hello darkness my old friend…


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It’s been a real struggle to get out since I’ve gone back to work. Mrs. FWP works crazy hours so once I get home and take over from childminder, I’m lucky if I get a window of an hour.

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Mouse 1 - 0 Fenway.


Get up an hour earlier in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:

given your times, you could easily do 20k in that hour :smiley:

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I’ll have a go at one of them anyway Cauli.

Missed the last couple of events and haven’t done any running since the 5k in July but I intend getting back out on the roads and this will give me something to aim for.

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@fenwaypark saw me and shit himself. He knows it’s serious this time… fuck you too @Gavrilo-Princip


Count me in aswell, only getting back into this week so I’ll decide later on what ill do.

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I broke my leg

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You can run on the other one you lazy cunt

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I’d still be faster than you anyways you useless bollix

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That’s the spirit

You left me out. You can fro.

Oh shit! I was in a rush mate :open_mouth:

You’re very much included :kissing_heart:



between “summering well” and your dodgy knee/hip.back/little finger, i doubt youll manage more than 3.28k

I’ve continued to run 10-12k on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

I’ll fucking smash you n’all